Video Dating: Is This Really A Good Way To Meet Women?

Video Dating: Is This Really A Good Way To Meet Women?

15 Aug 2019, Posted by 98 Palms in Dating, Relationships
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Have you ever heard of Video Dating? If you haven’t don’t feel bad, you’re not alone.

Long before Tinder was ever a gleam in an ambitious app developers eye, people were using modern technology to try to find love. There have been any number of ways that we have gone about trying to meet members of the opposite sex.

Searching for love through some sort of personal advertisement is nothing new, people have been doing that for years. Newspapers used to have a section dedicated just for people seeking other people.

The Birth Of Video Dating

For many years, print was king. Whatever you were looking for was available Monday through Sunday in your local rag.

As technology advances, people naturally gravitate to the latest and greatest looking for help finding romance. In the early 80’s, video really took it’s hold in popular culture. Video stores were as commonplace as your local record store.

At the same time, video dating really started to become more and more popular. The first real “matchmaking” type of service that was pushed out to the masses. Since everyone was embracing new technology, it only made sense to start to look for new connections through a video dating service.

It worked just like an online dating service does today for the most part. People would pay a fee, record a small introduction about themselves, likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc., and then other members would have access to the member videos.

Some places had viewing rooms and others operated like a dating video store, where you were able to check out members’ tapes that you could look at in the privacy of your own home. If you liked someone’s video, there were various ways to get in touch with that person and send them a message to show you were interested.

When you really think about how online dating actually works, not too much has changed in the 30 plus years that people have been using modern technology to try to connect.

Video Dating Goes Mainstream

Video dating reached it’s cultural highpoint in the late 80’s with the dating game show Love Connection. This was a show that showed a single person and gave them three eligible bachelors or bachelorettes to choose from. The audience would see a snippet of each suitor’s video and the contestant would choose one to go on a date.

This was all done beforehand and the two people would then meet again face to face to discuss the details of their date, both good and bad, in front of a live audience. It was fairly entertaining and a great look into the world of video dating.

Video Dating Replaced By Online Dating

As the world began to move from vhs to digital media sources, and with the advent of the internet, video dating started to be replaced by online dating.

The irony of all this is that nothing has really changed in the dating world. It’s still a bit of a shot in the dark where you are taking a chance and trying to make connections from a seemingly limited list of commonalities.

With all the dating apps available today, it’s curious that many of the more popular dating sites don’t offer a video component to their app. It would be seemingly very easy to allow an option for users to upload a video that could be linked to their profile.

That’s one of the biggest hurdles with online dating. It’s easy to get a perfect picture to upload to a profile. The drawback is that it’s very two dimensional and you don’t get a real sense of their personality.

Some of the nonverbal cues that we pick up on during a face to face conversation are left to the imagination. Especially when you spend time texting one another back and forth prior to meeting.

Video Dating Making A Comeback

Video dating is making a minor comeback with some newer dating apps. Members are allowed to post a video profile, instead of or alongside a traditional online profile, and, with some of the apps, the members can have a live video chat before meeting in person.

This seems like a step in the right direction. Texting is very impersonal and often people create an alter ego of this mythical texting creature they have yet to meet. The live video chat option on some of these newer apps is intended to replace the “coffee” meet and greet. Users can get a sense of what this person is like face to face and decide if they want to meet up in person.

Video Dating Apps Versus Matchmaking

Like any online dating app, the new video apps have the same drawbacks that their non-video counterparts have. The biggest problem with most online only dating sites is that it’s a matter of quantity over quality. Or better yet, quantity in the hope of quality.

They can try to match you up based on some algorithms a computer programmer came up with to mathematically find your perfect companion; however, that approach is flawed as well.

Matching people is a skill that takes time to truly perfect. A computer can only take you so far in the matchmaking realm. Eventually, you’re going to need a more personal touch.

That’s where a matchmaker will always have an advantage over an online service. You’re paying them to help you narrow down the field and take some of the guesswork out of the whole dating game itself.

They have the best of everything in house and are able to find women who would not only be a good match for you on paper, but beyond the online world as well. A video dating service isn’t working with you personally, they are simply giving you access to the people. What you do from there is entirely up to you.

While there are many benefits to video dating and online dating, there are all the same benefits, plus many more with a matchmaking service. Ultimately, it is up to you which option fits your wants and needs the best.

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