What She’s Telling Her Girlfriends

What She’s Telling Her Girlfriends

20 Jul 2019, Posted by 98 Palms in Dating, Relationships, Sex
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Women love to talk. There’s no refuting this fact, it’s a simple matter of a woman’s nature to be verbal and to share her feelings.

Men tend to be more tight-lipped when it comes to the women they’re dating. It might hearken back to the more primal aspects of our past. Men don’t want to share, especially with other men who they might view as competition.

Here’s the honest to goodness truth: She IS talking to her friends about you. Just so there is no mystery.

No matter how private or secretive your newly forming romance might feel, many of your intimate details are public knowledge, at least to a select few.

We know that guys talk about the women they are dating but it’s usually about whether the evening turned out good (naked) or not. Depending on the level of friendship, will depend on the details shared.

Her girlfriends are there for her and they know EVERYTHING about your time together.

Trust us, if she has close friends then she is telling them all the intimate details of your dates, interactions, conversations and, especially, your prowess as a lover. That’s right. Women will reveal all the intimate details about your time together.

This really shouldn’t be news to you but you might be surprised at just how much gets shared. Women are great communicators and much of their time with one another is spent talking about their lives.

For men, you can spend the whole day with your buddies and never breach the subject of a new woman in your life beyond, “she’s pretty cool, we have fun.” Most men would not pursue the conversation beyond that.

Her girlfriends are there for her and they know EVERYTHING about your time together. Don’t think that you are her hidden gem, she’s been talking about you.

Now, don’t take this as a negative. In fact, it’s probably a very good sign that you’re on her mind enough to become a topic of conversation. For women, their friends are their sounding board and they help each other make some of life’s important decisions. It’s more a support structure than just purely a gossip channel.

Since we’ve already covered that she is discussing everything about you with her friends, your mind is probably spinning with the possibilities.

Depending on where you are in the dating process, will dictate what information they are willing to share. For example, have you had sex yet? Are you at the “love” stage or close? These are all things that need to be considered.

What we have compiled is a list of some of the more common details that get shared. Many are sex related (yes, she’s talking about your member) and some are more on the emotional / relationship side.

She’s Seen Your Ex

We figured we’d start with the reality of living in a modern, technological world. If you have a social media account or two (and we bet you do), she’s done some research on your past.

She has had a girlfriend or two over, popped a couple bottles of wine and checked out your social media in it’s entirety. She has seen every picture you’ve shared and has definitely checked out any “competition” that might show up in your photos or friends list.

It doesn’t take much to be able to track down the women you’ve had in your past and she’ll probably compare some of her attributes to those of your ex.

When She’s Going to Have Sex With You

This one is really for those of you who are in the infancy stages of a new relationship. If the two of you haven’t had sex yet, you’ll be the last to know on the night it will eventually happen.

Her girlfriends will be the recipients of the “going to pound town” text string that will notify her nearest and dearest that tonight is your night. You, however, will be none the wiser until right before it actually happens.

Your Penis: The Good and the Bad

Size, shape, girth, smell, taste, curve and so much more are not off the table when she’s talking to her friends about you. Guess what gentlemen? Size does matter but not in the way you might think.

She wants you to fit her, and that doesn’t mean that you have to be porn size either. A woman will be much more turned on by a man who fits just right than the guy pounding away at her cervix during sex.

This is a good thing. You want your woman to love your penis. So if she’s gushing to her friends about you, that’s definitely in your favor.

Your Sexual Abilities

She is discussing with them not only your stamina but your abilities to please her. Did you change positions often? Are you orally capable or do you need some work? Do you talk and, if so, what did you say?

This is all an assessment of your energy together. Plus, if she’s really into you, it’s a chance for her to brag a bit about what a great connection you two have.

Selfish or Generous Plus the Ex Factor

She will readily share what kind of lover you are because those qualities, to women, extend far beyond the bedroom. Here, she’s talking about both the sensuality of the experience and the down and dirty details like how you used your mouth.

She’s also going to tell them how you compare to her ex, specifically the ex that was her best lover. Maybe you were more or less aggressive or maybe you brought something to the table she hasn’t yet experienced.

Nothing is off the table here. How often, what you did, what you didn’t do; it’s all fair game. She’s not necessarily trying to compare you to others but it’s more of a gauge to see where your relationship might or might not fall. Is she the one for you?

Conversational Milestones

With this, she’s sharing the first time you said something meaningful or romantic. Are you funny (a huge plus by the way)? If you are on the same wavelength as her with the feelings involved, she’ll definitely want to share that with a friend.

This is also the time that she will share any red flags that might be starting to surface. Do your fashion choices leave something to be desired? Here, she’s just looking for reassurance that your love of Star Wars is nothing for her to be worried about.

These are just a few of the many things that she is sharing about your relationship with her girlfriends. Remember, she’s sharing everything, so you can rest assured that if you did something endearing or dumb, someone’s going to hear about it.

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