Is Your Relationship Getting Serious?

Is Your Relationship Getting Serious?

02 Nov 2019, Posted by 98 Palms in Dating, Relationships
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Every relationship that has lasted more than just a passionate evening, weekend or the every cliched summer, has been through that grey area. It’s relationship limbo, where neither party really wants to be the first to admit that they have something exclusive.

Why? Maybe people are superstitious, they don’t want to jinx what could potentially be something great by putting unnecessary labels on it. Both people are somewhat unsure about what the other might or might not be feeling. The unknown can be somewhat confusing, especially when it comes to someone you find yourself drawn to.

This period in a relationship can be very exciting as well as emotionally draining. Trying to figure out if the other person is on the same page and really into you and sharing similar feelings, goals and plans for the future.

Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than falling for someone who’s not emotionally available or looking for anything long term and is not the one for you. People have been down that road in the past and plenty more will do it in the future.

When she starts to leave a few belongings at your place and you make sure she has space for said belonging, then, my friends, your relationship is serious.

All those questions eventually surface. When do you call her your “girlfriend” and vice versa? Introductions to the family, circle of friends, etc. Those are all questions and concerns that tend to arise when a relationship is still in it’s early stages.

Eventually, there comes a point where the relationship is one that is obviously going to last for a while and all those unknown feelings early on become the subject of laughter. It’s at this point that you know the relationship is starting to get serious.

Between the initial phase of the relationship and the time that the two of you realize that you are in a lasting, committed relationship, there are plenty of signs that the two of you are headed in that direction.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most common telltale signs that you might just have yourself a girlfriend. It’ not the worst thing that could happen to you in the course of your day, so relax and enjoy our signs that your relationship is getting serious.

1. Personal Belongings

This is one of the easiest signs to see that your relationship is starting to become more than just casual. Everyone always talks about the toothbrush as a sign, but we think that’s just common courtesy to have a toothbrush for an overnight guest to use.

When she starts to leave a few belongings at your place and you make sure she has space for said belonging, then, my friends, your relationship is serious. When was the last time you made sure one of your casual friends had room for her makeup in your bathroom cabinet? Enough said.

2. Social Media

This can be somewhat of a grey area still. Many people today live their lives on social media and post pictures of anything and everything. However, most people tend to be more reserved when it comes to posting pictures of love interests, especially if it’s only casual.

Does her profile picture show you? It’s a done deal by that time. However, you might notice that you start to show up more and more in her postings. That means that she’s making an announcement that you might be around for a bit.

3. She’s Met Mom

This is also another of those easy ones to pick out. Most guys are more than willing to introduce any woman to the boys, casual or otherwise, but very few ladies will ever get to meet your family. Whether a conscious decision or not, when you take her to meet your family, you’re in deep.

4. Morning Wood Becomes Just Morning

Your relationship is taking a turn for the serious when you start to have just regular mornings together. In the beginning, if she stayed at your place, odds were that there would be some activity in the morning.

She would make sure she was looking her possible best (for having slept all night) and the two of you would start the morning the right way. When you find yourself in a committed relationship, you might not have sex every morning (it happens) and you’re just fine with that.

5. You Make Future Plans

We’re not necessarily talking about marriage or kids or anything that serious. If the two of you are planning a trip that’s a few months away or you invite her to accompany you to your friend’s summer wedding six months in advance, odds are that you are planning on her being around for a while.

6. Silence

In the early stages of dating, almost every second together needed to be filled with conversation. Once you find yourself in a more serious relationship, the two of you can spend hours together not talking and the two of you are just fine with that.

7. Nicknames

When your new love interest becomes “Babe” or whatever cutesy nickname you might have for her, you might just be in a serious relationship. People don’t tend to create nicknames for each other right away. The only exception is roller derby girls and bikers.

However, if you don’t fall into one of the above categories, calling one another by a nickname is a term of endearment and a sign that you’re in something more than casual.

8. You’re Not Looking Anymore

This might be conscious or subconscious, but when you wake up and realize that you’ve stopped chasing after other single women like you had been doing previously, your relationship is serious.

This is one of those that can sneak up on you. Maybe you got a text from an old flame who was worried she hadn’t heard from you in a while or you decided to cut off your online dating ties, whatever the reasons, you’re basically announcing that you’re off the market.

9. You Have Great Sex

We’re not saying you can’t have great sex with a total stranger because, we think that’s completely possible. What we are saying is that sex is more than just a physical connection. When you’re able to connect the physical with the mental and emotional sides then that’s when your great sex becomes mind blowing. The kind of sex she’s bragging to her girlfriends about.

Once you transition from having great sex to “making love” or whatever tag you want to place on it, your relationship is no longer casual.

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