High End Matchmaking VS. Online Dating

High End Matchmaking VS. Online Dating

19 Oct 2019, Posted by 98 Palms in Dating, Relationships
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The modern day dating world is saturated with options for people to find one another and (ideally) meet the love of their lives. However, the intentions of the online dating sites don’t always match the reality of finding love online.

Let me relay a recent experience of mine with you, my fellow love-seeking explorers. I had met a woman on an online dating site, one which I had to pay a nominal fee to join and use their offered services.

We had chatted back and forth a bit and talked on the phone a few times. She seemed nice and sweet and it felt like we had a mutual attraction that was worth exploring.

She lived about an hour and twenty minutes away, which in the grand scheme of finding love seemed like quite the inconsequential distance. So, my friends, have motorcycle will travel and I was off to spend a Friday night with a new potential mate.

We decided to meet at her place, which should have been somewhat of a red flag but, with the distance, it seemed like a logical staging point.

I try not to be judgemental, but her place was a mess. You’d think that if you have someone new coming over, then it would be in your best interest to make sure that your place was clean and ready for company. This was not the case.

You might spend hours scouring the infinite numbers of online profiles only to find maybe one or two women that you are actually interested in meeting in hopes of starting a relationship.

We decided to go out for dinner. She proceeded to inform me that she can’t eat without being high and proceeded to get high so she would be able to stomach a meal with me (I guess).

All things considered, the meal went fine. We decided to go out and have a drink or two to talk and get to know one another better. She said she frequents a local dive bar (I love dive bars by the way) and that it was a “cool and mellow” place to hang out.

What she failed to mention was that this bar just happened to be across the street from the county jail and that it was the first stop for all former inmates upon their release from jail. Big red flag here.

I met one of her “boys” as she referred to him and he proceeded to tell me about the ten years he spent in prison and how he wasn’t afraid to be locked up again.

She got sloppy drunk, and I had to take her home where she proceeded to strip naked and inform me that the flesh buffet was open for business. Needless to say, I was not hungry at that time. She passed out, I got on my bike, blocked her number and tried to put this whole experience behind me.

In a nutshell, this is what you can expect from the online dating world. I know that my example is extreme, but my experiences aside from that one have been less dangerous but not much of an improvement in the grand scheme of things.

Enter the world of modern day matchmaking services. This is a great option for busy professionals and other successful people who want to find an excellent partner but who don’t really want to deal with the hassle of trying to meet someone of quality online.

What a Matchmaker Does

Matchmakers are like headhunters in the business world. Their job is to find the best possible candidates, in this case for relationships, and provide you with viable, high-quality women who would be a great match for you.

You might spend hours scouring the infinite numbers of online profiles only to find maybe one or two women that you are actually interested in meeting in hopes of starting a relationship.

Matchmakers take all the guesswork out of this process. They will hold an initial interview with you to help determine what you are looking for. This interview will delve much deeper than just the superficial and the matchmaker, who is knowledgeable, professional and experienced, will help to determine the type of woman who would best fit your needs.

Here’s where the beauty of using a matchmaking service will always trump anything you could do yourself online. The matchmaker will then take their time to scour all their available candidates and start finding high quality women that, potentially, would check off all those boxes in your most desired categories.

Just like the corporate headhunter looks to find the very best candidates to provide to their clients, so does a professional matchmaker. It is in their best interest to find you women who could potentially turn into a fulfilling, long-term relationship.

Why? It’s simple. It’s their business to find love for you. That’s what you are really paying for when you decide to hire a professional matchmaker. With online dating, you’re paying (or not if you’re using free sites) just to access the other profiles. Nobody is helping you scour the databases to find the perfect fit. It’s really a crapshoot where the odds are not stacked in your favor…ever.

The Women

Unlike the online options, professional matchmakers have created a database of already desirable women based on a wide number of qualifications. They can’t just throw up a profile, they have to be selected to be part of the process.

This is important because a good professional matchmaker selects only the best of the best to be part of their matchmaking business. What that means for you as a client is that the women the matchmakers will provide for you will be the absolute best (for your wants) from an already impressive pool of candidates.

With high standards just to be included as part of the matchmaking services, you’re sure to have dates with women who are classy, intelligent, beautiful, fun and who possess that intangible wow factor that you probably would never find yourself online.

When they find matches that fit your needs, you will be given detailed information about who they are. Interests, education, hobbies and real photos. You get to decide how many of the selected women you want to meet. Almost sounds too good to be true, right?

One of the best parts is that they don’t just present the women to you and leave you on your own. They are constantly in contact with you regarding the women you meet and will make sure that they are involved in the entire process.

Obviously, the date itself is up to you and only two people know for sure if there’s real chemistry. However, a matchmaker provides you with the best possible scenario. If you don’t find love, they will keep searching and working for you until you do. After all, it’s in their best interest to have satisfied clients.

The choice seems pretty simple for me and I’m sure it does for you as well. Do you want to find the greatest woman you’re ever likely to meet or do you want to spend your Friday nights entertaining half of Cellblock D? The answer is clear. What you need is a high end matchmaker. Get out there and get some great help finding love, it’s waiting and ready for you.

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