3 Exercises You Should Be Doing Today

3 Exercises You Should Be Doing Today

03 Dec 2019, Posted by 98 Palms in Fitness
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Everyone has their own fitness routines that we feel work best for us. For some people, they might swear by a free weight and treadmill routine. For others, kayaking or bicycling is their go to fitness regiment.

There are plenty of great exercises and activities that you can be doing to maintain your current level of fitness. However, not all exercises are created equal. For those of you already happy with your fitness routine, we applaud you. It’s consistency that’s really key. We want to challenge you to add these exercises to your routine (if they’re not already there).

Maintaining your physical fitness is an important aspect to finding a healthy balance to your life.

There’s a reason why all these fitness commercials show people getting “results.” At the core of it all is actively participating in the exercise routine. The true key to getting yourself in shape (or in even better shape) is consistent exercise.

Here are three exercises you should be doing to maximize your fitness. These exercises hit multiple muscle groups and are also great core strengthening exercises, which helps with your overall wellness and fitness levels.

3. Squats

Not just for bodybuilders and elite athletes, the squat is one of the best workouts you can add to your exercise routine. Squats have long been considered hard on the back and knees but most of this can be attributed to improper technique than the actual exercise itself.

Squats are more than just leg exercises, they are a fantastic workout for many different muscle groups. Squats target your shoulders, back and are very beneficial to your abdominal muscles. This is one exercise that really strengthens the muscles in your core and back. A strong core is the foundation of a healthy body.

Another benefit to adding squats to your routine is that they are a bone-loading exercise. This means that squats make your bones more dense, which, in turn, makes them stronger, healthier and less prone to breaks and fractures.

Squats also help to elevate your levels of testosterone. This helps you build muscle, burn fat and gain strength. A side benefit to increased levels of testosterone will be realized in your bedroom performance. Sounds like a great reason to do squats right there.

2. Pushups

Pushups have long been one of the benchmarks of the exercise world. From the military to elite athletes, pushups are a staple in most fitness routines.

The pushup is a great exercise for the chest, triceps and back muscles. They also are good for the glutes and your core stabilizer muscles. Pushups also help with your muscular endurance and build muscle.

In addition, pushups help to create lean muscle mass which is responsible for speeding up your metabolism, allowing you to burn fat more easily.

One more great benefit to doing pushups is that it doesn’t cost you anything. There’s no gym fees and you can do them in the privacy of your own home.

1. Pullups

Probably the greatest exercise you should add to your routine is the pullup. This exercise is considered the holy grail of upper body and core strengthening exercises. The pullup is the upper body equivalent of doing squats.

You might ask why more people aren’t doing pullups on a regular basis if they are such a prolific workout tool? It’s simple…pullups are hard.

Go into any gym and you’ll be hard pressed to find people waiting in line to use the pullup bars. It’s much more rewarding (mentally and for confidence) to sit at the pull down machine, set your weight and easily crank out sets of 10 repetitions. It is much more difficult to admit that you just did 3 sets of pullups at 2-3 repetitions each and now your arms, back and chest muscles feel like jelly.

It’s better to do 3 sets of 3 pullups than 10 sets of 10 reps on a pull down machine. The difficulty of pullups are why so many people stray away from adding them into their routine. Pullups are great for hitting all your upper body muscles. They engage all the back and arm muscles in your body simultaneously. You have to use all these muscles, not only to actually pull your body up but to keep those muscles stabilized.

Pullups not only build up your strength but they are also a great cardiovascular exercise as well. Pullups will get your heart rate up and it will happen quickly.

Much like pushups, you don’t need a gym membership to add pullups to your fitness routine. Many public parks have pullup bars and there are a wide variety of pullup bars that you can use in your home. One of the most popular models fits right above your door without the need for you to permanently mount the bar.

There are many variations of pullups that can be done if you want to try to target specific muscle groups. Wide grip pullups will focus more on the latissimus muscles that create that much sought after v-shape. Reverse grip pullups will target the biceps and forearms.

Maintaining your physical fitness is an important aspect to finding a healthy balance to your life. By adding these 3 exercises to your routine, you are sure to surpass your current level of fitness. We’re not suggesting you cancel your gym membership or put up the kayak. What we are suggesting is that you maximize your fitness potential by adding these exercises. We know you’ll be pleased with the results.

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