16 Interesting Facts About Sex

16 Interesting Facts About Sex

02 Sep 2019, Posted by 98 Palms in Sex
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So, you consider yourself a regular Don Juan with the ladies. Your buddies look to you to best advise them on the subtle nuances of the opposite sex and you’re more than happy to help them out.

From the best techniques to make her scream to ways to keep yourself in the game a little longer (baseball, baseball, baseball), you’re the local sexpert amongst your friends.

However, did you know that women in Ancient Egypt used plugs made of crocodile droppings to prevent pregnancy? How about the fact that at some point during our evolution, we lost DNA that would have lead to growth of spines on the penis?

We bet that you probably didn’t know the answers to either of those little tidbits of trivia. Far be it for us to not supply our devoted readers with tidbits of nonsense every now and then. With that in mind, here are 16 facts about sex that you probably didn’t know.

Test yourself. See how many of these little factoids you actually know.

16. Ovulating Women are Cheaters

We’re definitely exaggerating a bit here but women who are ovulating are much more likely to cheat on their significant others during that time period (no pun intended) then at other times during the month. There’s a biological need to get that egg fertilized.

15. You Might be Biologically Promiscuous

A study at UCLA determined that you might be hardwired to have more partners than other people. The study did brain scans of participants while showing them sexual images and asking them about their number of partners. Those participants who reacted more significantly to the images also tended to have more partners than those who did not have as strong of a reaction.

14. Female Penguins are Prostitutes

Let that one sink in for a moment here. Not all female penguins are working the nearest snowbanks in the arctic but they do engage in a form of prostitution. Researchers noticed female penguins engaging in sex with males who weren’t their mates in exchange for pebbles. Those pebbles were then used to help build their nests.

13. Straight Men Love Transsexual Porn

Transgender porn is the fourth most popular porn search. The most popular audience was straight men who comprised more than half of those searches.

12. Nice Guys don’t Always Finish Last

Men who are viewed as humble and unpretentious tended to land more dates than their flashier counterparts. Women in relationships want a man who knows how to apologize, which leads to more opportunities for makeup sex, a direct result of renewing the relationship bonds.

11. Men Can’t Make Their Voice Sexy

In a 2014 study, researchers found that women could manipulate their voices while counting to ten to make themselves sound more desirable. Men, however, were unsuccessful.

10. Fat Guys Keep it Up Longer

Severely overweight men take almost three times as long to ejaculate than their seven minute abs counterparts. However, we’re not telling you to skip the workouts and start eating cakes and pies for breakfast.

9. Yet Another Reason Why Millennials Suck

According to a poll done by Consumer Electronics, 36% of men and women under the age of 35 checked in with social media immediately following sex. You better rock her world otherwise you might be the star of her next Tweet.

8. Couples Who Cuddle After Sex are Happier

This is directly in response to number 13 above. The kissing, snuggling and post-coital interactions are equally as important as the sex itself in couples who have satisfying relationships. Put down the phone gentlemen (and ladies).

7. The Left Hangs Lower

Left testicles tend to hang a bit lower than the right one on most men. Please stop reading this immediately and conduct an impromptu study with your friends. We eagerly await your results.

6. 66% of Men and Women Fantasize About Someone Else

Nearly two-thirds of men and women have reported they have fantasized about another person while engaged in sex. That’s one way to get that threesome you always wanted.

5. Clean Could Actually be Dirty

Your pubic hair acts as a deterrent to potential sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, by making the boys smooth and kissable, you might actually be increasing your risk of contracting a STD. #Bringbackthe70’s

4. Four Popes Died In Flagrante

Four popes have died while having intercourse during their papacy. Pretty small number in the grand scheme of things but you have to consider the job.

3. Educated White Women Love Anal

College educated, white women have more anal sex than any other group. We’ll let you figure out the math on your own here.

2. Sex Helps You Not Pee

When you have sex, your body releases a hormone that makes you unable (or unwilling we’re not sure) to urinate when you orgasm. It doesn’t last very long but probably helps to prevent some embarrassment for anyone who gets overly excited after sex.

1. Women Have the Bigger Orgasm

Sure, the boys seem to have cornered the market on orgasms but women orgasm for much longer and can have multiple orgasms. The average male orgasm lasts about 6 seconds and the average female orgasm lasts 20 seconds. Plus, many women can have back to back orgasms. Imagine a male orgasm lasting for almost a minute? The ladies win again.

Now that we’ve educated you a bit, you can be even more of the go to sexpert amongst your close friends. We’re sure there’s a couple tidbits above that might also make a great icebreaker for that pretty girl sitting alone at the bar. Enjoy.

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