The Picnic Date: Romance At Its Finest

24 Jun 2018, Posted by 98 Palms in Relationships, Dating
Couple enjoying romantic picnic on beach

We know that you’re probably thinking to yourself right now. These guys have got to be kidding. A picnic date? In 2016? WTF?

Well, you, my friend, couldn’t be more wrong. The picnic date is still one of those staples of romance that will never actually go out of style.

Why you might ask? Simple. It has many of the best parts of a great dinner date but with all the casual comforts of a relaxing day at home on the couch.

People are more apt to act like themselves when they feel comfortable. What could possibly be more comfortable than lounging in some semi-private area as the sounds of mother nature gently soothe you into blissful contentment?

Gone is the pressure associated with staring across from one another in a crowded restaurant as the manufactured light attempts to recreate the naturally soothing peaceful beauty of the sun’s rays.

There are no waiters constantly checking in to see if everything is ok, trying to create that sense of familiarity that usually is followed by hefty, I’m trying to be the good guy, tips.

Some women want, almost need to be wined and dined. They want you to prove to them that you are worthy of their time and effort.

No screaming children or interrogation themed conversations. What you actually have is a relaxed atmosphere where two people can eat as much or as little as they might want, as they effortlessly sit back and watch the world float on by. There’s no formal routine, with drinks, dinner, conversation, repeat; and, there’s no arbitrary time limit.

The date can actually be as quick or as long as you might want. If you and your date aren’t feeling the connection, pack it up and go your separate ways. If the two of you are hitting it off, you are free to spend hours talking, laughing and making a real connection.

The pressure free atmosphere will lend itself to bouts of thoughtful silence, not constrained by the social awkwardness of silence on a traditional dinner date. It’s ok for the two of you to sit back and enjoy the warm breeze and sounds of nature.

The added bonus to this is that it gives you an unspecified amount of time to gather your thoughts and strike up the next interesting conversation or find something nearby to continue a natural line of questioning. “When was the last time you threw a frisbee?”

In essence, it could be considered the perfect dating platform. It is the most simple, yet romantic date possible…with the right woman. It’s a perfect environment to find out how into you she really is.

Some women want, almost need to be wined and dined. They want you to prove to them that you are worthy of their time and effort. These same women might still appreciate the picnic date but you’ll have to give them a little warning.

It’s really up to you to get a feel for the woman you are dating, since you will be out in a natural surrounding. You don’t want her spending hours putting on that dress she’s been saving for just the right occasion, only to be told she could have worn her favorite jeans and sexy, comfortable tank top ensemble.

So, we have you on board to try out the utterly romantic picnic date. We’re sure that your next question is about what, exactly, constitutes the perfect picnic date. We have a few guidelines that you can follow to make sure that your next picnic date is a success.


The perfect picnic date starts with a great location. Try to choose places that can be somewhat secluded but don’t necessarily require you to hike in for miles. The last thing a woman wants to be on a date is sweaty (at least not by her own choosing).

Choose a place that has a great view and interesting scenery for starters. This shows that you understand the complexity of nature’s beauty and it provides you with some easy conversation starters. Hilltops, skylines, historic buildings, beaches, open meadows, forests, harbors, bridges and natural preserves all make great locations for a romantic picnic.

This is the perfect opportunity to make sure she leaves with a bouquet of fresh wildflowers or some sort of spontaneous souvenir that allows you to showcase your more romantic side.


Here’s a great opportunity to show that you can plan a romantic date and have listened to her. A picnic shouldn’t be a first date. It’s a chance for you to really get to know someone after the initial meeting.

The menu is really up to you to decide but remember to keep it simple. Avoid foods that spoil quickly, so keep the mayo and eggs on ice until you’re ready to use them.

A great tip is to freeze a few bottles of water and use them as impromptu ice packs. Once they’ve served their purpose and thawed, you’ll have extra drinking water around which is great if the date gets extended.

A must have is a thick blanket (preferably waterproof), a cooler, a picnic basket, napkins / wet wipes, tupperware (especially for soft foods so they don’t get damaged), plates, cups, utensils, condiments, corkscrew, wine glasses (if you plan to drink), storage bags and talcum powder to sprinkle around the blanket to help keep away critters.

A great investment if you don’t have one is a bluetooth speaker, so you can pull up a playlist of romantic mood music. Plus, music is another easy topic of conversation.


Keep it simple here. The food is just one piece of the larger puzzle, so an assortment of cheese, cured meats, bread and fruit are perfect. An added bonus is that it takes very little time to prepare.

Don’t try to save a buck here. Go to the supermarket and get a good assortment of gourmet cheeses and meats to sample. This shows you have a sophisticated palate and will give you yet more items to talk about.


It’s important to make sure that you are prepared for an activity or two beyond talking to break up the day. Games like backgammon, frisbee, cards or even a wine assortment for your own personal wine tasting are great ways to spice up your picnic date.

We know it’s not 1950 but the perfect picnic date is a timeless classic that might just help you land the woman of your dreams.

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