Meet Our Matchmaker

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” ― Dr. Seuss

Meet Angela Seitz, Founder and CEO, relationship expert, and matchmaker extraordinaire, also known as the “Love Concierge.”

VIP Matchmaker Angela Seitz

Are you a successful, affluent, and sophisticated gentleman, but without time to look for love?

Leave it to Angela.

With over ten years as one of the most successful matchmakers in the world,  Angela has helped her private list of prestigious clients find love amidst their busy schedules, including celebrities, bankers, Fortune 500 executives, sports legends, and other movers, shakers and A-Listers.

Not only did Angela help those busy gentlemen find romance, but she took it one step further. She also planned the most lavish and opulent customized dates for them, ensuring the perfect atmosphere for falling in love.

Angela truly goes that extra mile to create the most idyllic personalized dates for love to flourish and blossom, down to every last detail!

How does Angela consistently deliver Cupid’s arrow right on target, time and time again?

Unlike other matchmakers, Angela possesses a degree in psychology and extensive knowledge regarding matters of the heart. She has a deep understanding of what makes men and women tick, and exactly what’s needed to create successful and long-lasting love connections.

If you’ve ever caught Angela hosting her wildly popular radio show, Café Long Beach, you’ll understand why her unique perspective, brilliant insights and frank advice on dating, sex and romance has led to throngs of loyal followers.

Angela is not only a top-notch matchmaker and relationship expert… she’s also a visionary.

Romantic couple on dateA few years ago, Angela envisioned a revolutionary matchmaking service for ultra-successful, sophisticated, and discerning men who have limited time on their hands, yet long to find their dream woman.

She understood that the last thing busy men have time for is searching through thousands of online dating profiles, texting strangers back-and-forth, and wasting countless hours wining and dining the wrong women.

So, like everything else Angela makes up her mind to do…  she turned her dream into reality.

Today, 98 Palms is the premiere matchmaking service for accomplished, wealthy and discerning gentlemen throughout the world to find love.

Let Angela introduce you to the love of your life in just 6 short days!

Couple in love on beach in Punta CanaYes, it really is that simple.

As your personal matchmaker, Angela will spend countless hours searching through our vast international database, and scouring all four corners of the earth to select those beauties who possess the specific qualities you’re looking for in an ideal woman.

You’ll enjoy an incredible 6-day luxury vacation in an exclusive villa, enjoying romantic days and nights with beautiful, brainy, high quality women that Angela handpicked just for you.

Angela will be with you every step of the way during the process, lending invaluable support, wisdom and guidance.

Are you ready to meet your romantic partner in just 6 days?  Click here to learn what happens on your luxury vacation:  [How it Works]