Is She Really Flirting With You?

16 Apr 2018, Posted by 98 Palms in Relationships, Dating
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I’m sure this has happened to you once or twice in your life. Your out and about and an attractive woman catches your eye. You think that she’s interested but you’re not sure if she’s just one of those people who are extra friendly to everyone. So, you let the opportunity pass and missed out on a opportunity to possibly meet a great woman.

This happened to me quite a few years ago on multiple occasions. Actually, it happened almost every time I went out in my early 20’s. I lacked the self confidence to realize that, yes, attractive women are in fact interested in me and might just want to meet me.

You can benefit from my lack of early adult self confidence issues. I’ve learned a few things as I’ve aged and one of those things I have learned is how to read signs and recognize when a woman is expressing interest.

You don’t need to wear some goofy hat or be someone you’re not to meet a great woman.

Remember, these are just guidelines and generalizations. I’m not some peacocking douchebag who is going to fleece you out of your cash and guarantee that you can bed any woman you set your sights on.

You don’t need to wear some goofy hat or be someone you’re not to meet a great woman. All you really need is to be observant of your surroundings. There are plenty of signs out there if you choose to look.

Not every woman is the same but by and far, these are definitely some of the things that most women do to show that they are intrigued by you. What you choose to do with these signs is entirely up to you. Life is about opportunity, so take advantage.

8. Plays With Her Hair

This is one of the easiest signs to spot. As she is looking at you, she might twirl or play with her hair . While all that hair flipping might be just grooming, you have to be able to decipher the code. Basic rule of thumb here is that if she is fixing her hair, that’s not a sign but if she’s just playing with it while looking at you, that’s a big 10-4 ghostrider.

7. She Cuts You From the Herd

This is a tactic that men try to use all the time when attempting to meet one woman who is sequestered within a group. It can be something as simple as asking you to hand her a napkin or to help her with something seemingly mundane. If she’s making an effort to get you alone, it’s a huge sign that she’s interested. She’s more than capable of grabbing that napkin or opening a bottle herself.

6. Eye Contact

She continually is glancing your way. Even if she’s talking with another guy, try to see if she continues to look at you. This is where it’s helpful to not be the guy in the lame ass hat because if you’re in your regular attire and she keeps looking, that my friends is a great sign.

Often, men miss this sign completely or stall. She’s going to convey her interest through her looks but if you don’t take the opportunity and act, she’ll think you’re not interested. Once I realize that this is happening, I make a point to smile, wink or do something to acknowledge that, yes, I see you too.

5. The Copycat

This is one of the hardest ones to recognize and probably the easiest to misinterpret. Often, when we’re interested in someone, we will subconsciously mimic something they are doing. Maybe it’s the way you’re sitting or holding your drink, so be aware of this very subtle signal that she’s interested.

4. Touch

This is one of those no-brainer signs that many men somehow miss out on. No, she’s not going to jump on your lap and start grinding you at the dinner party (if she does, good for you) but if a woman’s interested, she will engage in a touch of some sort.

This could be as simple as brushing your arm, or touching your hand when she’s making a point during the conversation. This is the one that’s almost universal. Even a single touch on the arm or shoulder is a great sign that she’s intrigued and wants to know more.

3. Personal Space

We all have that invisible bubble of personal space that surrounds us when we’re out. For the average person, it’s about 18 inches. If she makes a point to enter your personal space, that’s a good sign that she is interested.

Romantic connections are about getting close to another person, so the fact that she is feeling bold enough to encroach on your personal space is a sign you shouldn’t miss. Maybe she brushes past you and gives you a discreet smile, or touches you on the arm as she weaves her way through a crowded place. These are both good signs that there’s an interest.

2. The Drive-By

This is another of those more subtle cues that can be misinterpreted. You have to use your judgement with this one. If she walks by a few times and it doesn’t seem like she’s necessarily headed anywhere in particular, this can be a cue that she’s interested. Take notice if she walks past and then stops in close proximity to you. She’s letting you know that she’s interested but she wants you to come to her. Women like to be pursued.

1. She Initiates a Conversation

Of all the signs, this is the holy grail of them all. If you blow this one, you deserve to be alone. Just go out and buy 10 cats and call it a day. Women have the luxury of options and, because of those options, they don’t necessarily have to initiate many conversations. If she makes a point to single you out and talk to you, make no doubt about it, she’s interested.

These are some of the signs that she’s interested, so make sure that you keep yourself aware of your surroundings the next time you’re around women you find attractive. A little situational awareness might just land you a great woman.

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