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So how do you choose the right matchmaker? Matchmaking is a multi-million dollar industry. Why? Simple enough. People today are busier than ever and it is becoming increasingly more difficult to find quality partners. The growth in this industry has not gone unnoticed.

Popular culture has been loaded with dating shows over the years, and matchmaking shows have started to gain in popularity as well. It makes sense when you think about it. Unless you met your soulmate as a teenager, you’ve probably experienced the highs and lows that come when you swim in the waters of the dating pool.

The popularity of the television shows and online dating services in general is easy to understand. Finding love is the common thread that bonds people of all ages, races, and places of origin.

We all want to find love. That person who undeniably is our best friend. The one who understands us and accept us for who we are. We are constantly told that person is out there just waiting for us, which can be utterly frustrating to hear.

“Your special someone is waiting for you.” That moniker has been beaten into our heads through advertisements, television shows, friends, and relatives.

Is it true? That’s really a question that is up to you to decide. If you do think (or hope) that your true love is out there, then it is just a matter of taking time and putting in the effort to try to find that person.

Finding love is the common thread that bonds people of all ages, races, and places of origin.

The search can be exhausting, however, and often does not lead you to that person that everyone tells you is out there just waiting for you to show up on her doorstep.

That is where a matchmaker can be your best, and often only, ally in finding love. A matchmaker ideally has the resources, manpower, and, most importantly, the available women to help you find your ideal woman.

There is a huge difference in the personal approach of a legit VIP matchmaker vs an online dating service like or Tinder to fulfill your dating needs and your search for the right match.

Here’s where things get a little tricky. Everyone thinks they are qualified to be a matchmaker, but many of those people aren’t as qualified as they might seem. It’s a relatively simple process to get a foot in the door, so how do you know how to choose the right matchmaker for your needs?

Like many other things, it takes a little patience and a small amount of dedicated research. There are a number of people out there posing as matchmakers who are just looking to make some easy money.

Since the industry is largely unregulated, there is not a set of standards that matchmakers need to follow. The best matchmakers are those with integrity, and who actually believe that true love is out there. Their reward goes beyond being paid. They relish in putting couples together who they know will have a meaningful and lasting relationship with someone they truly love and respect.

Even though there isn’t a manual about finding the right matchmaker, there are a few items that you should have on your checklist to help you make sure that the matchmaker you hire is the right one for you.

Are They Genuine?

When you meet a matchmaker for the first time, your initial impression of that person will tell you quite a bit. Do you feel like they are trying to sell you something you don’t need? That’s not how it should feel with the right matchmaker.

You should be able to get a sense that their job is a rewarding endeavor to them far beyond anything monetary. They should be upfront with you that it is their goal to help you find the right woman.

If you believe that the person genuinely wants to help you, then you’re headed in the right direction.


Either before or after your initial meeting with your matchmaker, you should conduct a little research to see if they have had other success. This will be the most time consuming part of the process, since it’s on you to determine just how much research you want to conduct.

What you should be looking for is favorable reviews from people who have used their site. Many places will also provide you with references from happy couples who met through the matchmaking service.

Does their website look professional? Are their reviews on unbiased websites favorable? Are their services easily outlined and available for you? Basically, do you think you’re getting your money’s worth if you decide to hire this matchmaker.


When you first meet with a matchmaker, she will ask you a variety of questions about your likes, dislikes, and relationship goals. This is your opportunity to get the matchmaking process started off in the right direction.

This is where your part of finding a good matchmaker is equally as important as their credentials. A good matchmaker will try to find you exactly what you are looking for, so when you do meet with them it’s important to be completely honest with what you want.

What do you really want in a partner? Beyond the physical, what kind of woman do you want to spend your days with? Do you want someone funny, intelligent, sarcastic, kind, family oriented?

Maybe there are things from your past that have hurt you, which if encountered again, are deal breakers. Maybe you don’t know how to approach women or speak with them after you meet them in a way to keep their attention. This is your opportunity to be completely honest with them and yourself.

Ask Questions

The interview process isn’t a completely one-sided affair. This is also your opportunity to see if they are the right matchmaker for you. You’ll want to find out about the women who are part of their service. Where do they find them and how are matches selected are great places to start.

Find out what happens if you are unable to find a match. What are the terms and conditions? What other services are offered as part of a matchmaking package? Make sure they are upfront and honest with what you get for your money. There should be nothing that is a mystery (beside how your dates will turn out).

Finding the right matchmaker is a process, but one that could have a lasting impact on the rest of your life. Make sure you find a reputable, quality matchmaker who is interested in helping you find love.

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