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Let’s face it, fitness, and the bodies that come from working out, are in right now. Social media is flush with images of women (and men) who have the sculpted features that most people can only hope to have.

Maybe you see these women and they are your ideal mate. There is something tantalizing about a woman with curves in all the right places. Tan, toned and the picture of health, fit women are all the rage.

So, you want one for yourself? It’s easy to understand why you would want to date a woman of this caliber. However, you have to be ready for the challenge. When it comes to dating a woman who is a fitness junky, there’s definitely more that initially meets the eye.

What is your ideal woman? Picture her in your mind’s eye. What do you see? Is she tall, short, thin, curvy? For many men, their ideal woman is one who is toned and tight and who takes her physical appearance very seriously.

When it comes to dating a woman who is a fitness junky, there’s definitely more that initially meets the eye.

Now, I understand that I’m just talking about physical attributes here but there’s definitely some truth in advertising. While dating a woman who is addicted to looking her absolute best might seem like your idea of perfection, it’s important to know exactly what you are getting yourself into. Are you up to the challenge?

1. Her Time is Precious

Dating a woman who treats her body like a temple is not like dating a “regular” woman. Odds are, she does not have much free time that doesn’t revolve around going to the gym, taking classes or engaging in various other fitness related activities.

Calling a woman like this on a whim and expecting her to have the time to meet you for a quick drink might not be as easy as you think.

She’s fueled by the endorphins that are activated when working out and she’s not going to be willing to skip too many workouts to spend time with you. When coupled with the other rigors of daily life, you’re going to have to find creative ways to occupy her time.

2. Say Goodbye to the Lazy Sunday

Your ideal weekend might involve wings, beer and sitting on the couch watching sports. Odds are, this is not going to jive very well with a fitness fueled woman.

Her idea of the perfect Sunday might involve finally having the time to take that spinning or yoga class she couldn’t make during the week, or even a light jog on the beach. She might find the “lazy Sunday” to be a waste of her time and energy.

She might be willing to compromise once in awhile, but if this is part of your regular weekend routine, she might not be around very long.

3. Are You the Jealous Type?

Guess who notices beautiful, in-shape women? Everyone. That’s right, this vestige of perfection is not wanting for attention from other men (and women). If she spends a good chunk of her free time at the gym, she will be surrounded by some very fit, attractive men. She’s doing all this while wearing very little clothing to boot.

I’m not trying to dissuade you here but if you are the jealous type, you’re going to have problems dating a woman like this.

Remain confident and keep yourself in good shape as well. Odds are, she finds fit men just as attractive as you find in-shape women. Confidence can trump everything in this situation. If you act needy and insecure, she’ll kick you to the proverbial curb quickly. If you’re confident in who you are, that will be sexier to her than anything else.

4. She’s Spent Hours Building Flexibility and Endurance

I think this pretty much speaks for itself. Still want that second cheeseburger? This is a girl who lives to exercise. Now imagine spending the day “exercising” naked with this dream woman. You get it…

5. Adventure Awaits

Here’s another benefit of dating a fitness junky. Not quite as enjoyable as #4 but nonetheless, still very rewarding. Fit women are always up for a new adventure.

Anything you might want to try will always be ok in her book. Want to hike, ski, climb, explore? Chances are her answer will be when and where.

A potential drawback to this is that these women tend to be fiercely competitive. She’s going to challenge you and push you, and, rest assured, she does want to win. No matter how congratulatory she might be, she will be planning on how to beat you the next time out.

This could be both frustrating and/or rewarding depending on your outlook. Keep in mind that she’ll want to win but will get quickly bored if she consistently beats you. She wants to be challenged.

6. She’ll Make You Better

This type of woman is going to challenge you to eat healthy and take better care of yourself. She’ll push you to be the best version of yourself (physically) that’s possible. All in all, that’s not a bad thing at all.

You’ll find yourself spending less time on the couch watching others exercise and more time outside living your life. Worst case, you lose a few pounds, gain some endurance and have some mind blowing sex. We can think of worse ways to spend your free time.

What are you waiting for? Hit the gym, grab the protein powder and find yourself that woman of your dreams.

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