Best Testosterone Boosting Foods

06 Jun 2018, Posted by 98 Palms in Fitness, Health

Every man can benefit from a little boost to their testosterone levels. Higher levels of testosterone lead to improved mental focus, more muscle, better sex and a wide variety of other benefits. When we are in our prime, our testosterone levels are at their peak….

10 Adventure Books You Must Read

18 May 2018, Posted by 98 Palms in Life

A gentleman should be well-read and cultured. Intelligence is one of those intangible aspects of life that just can’t be purchased. Not everyone has the desire nor the time to read thousands of novels, but there are a few books that should be read. One…

8 Fashion Mistakes Every Guy Makes

03 May 2018, Posted by 98 Palms in Style

You don’t have to be a fashion icon to still be fashionable. It’s one of those things that lets the world know that you’ve got yourself together and are someone to be reckoned with. It might not even be your favorite thing in the world…

Is She Really Flirting With You?

16 Apr 2018, Posted by 98 Palms in Relationships, Dating

I’m sure this has happened to you once or twice in your life. Your out and about and an attractive woman catches your eye. You think that she’s interested but you’re not sure if she’s just one of those people who are extra friendly to…

6 Glaring Signs She’s Really Into You

06 Apr 2018, Posted by 98 Palms in Relationships, Dating

So, you’re out with a woman for the first or second or third time and you’re starting to feel a connection. You might be looking at her as Ms. Right, or at least Ms. Right now. Either way, you want to be able to make…

Is She The One? Know What To Look For

19 Mar 2018, Posted by 98 Palms in Relationships, Dating

Hopefully, you’re at a point in your life where you’re not so overrun by cynicism that you still believe that there are some quality women out there for you. Let’s face it, being a cynical asshat is ok if you’re some tight pantalooned hipster who…