8 Fashion Mistakes Every Guy Makes

03 May 2018, Posted by 98 Palms in Style
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You don’t have to be a fashion icon to still be fashionable. It’s one of those things that lets the world know that you’ve got yourself together and are someone to be reckoned with. It might not even be your favorite thing in the world to deal with. After all, most guys would rather be in a comfortable pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

You don’t have to ditch that comfy shirt and pants combo to still be stylish. In fact, there are many situations where your most comfortable clothing is exactly what the style doctors ordered.

Even the most fashion forward person makes a mistake from time to time and people have made millions of dollars helping and critiquing those minor fashion missteps.

So, what might you be doing that you shouldn’t? That’s an honest question and one that can be fairly easily answered. You might consider yourself the style icon of your office or amongst your group of friends, but we all make these small mistakes and probably didn’t even realize that we were doing it.

What follows is a list of the top ten mistakes every guy makes or has made at one time or another in his life. Don’t be overly critical about this list, we just want to make sure you’re able to put your best foot forward every time you leave your house.

Without further adieu, here is the list in no particular order.

8. Baggy Clothing

This is one of the biggest mistakes that most guys make. At one point in time it was fashionable to have clothing that was on the larger side and a little baggy. That time has passed, so if you’re still rocking the 2X polo shirt, get rid of it today.

You should be looking for fitted clothing that best showcases your own personal body shape. Notice we didn’t say go out and buy something way too tight. Fitted is in and the ladies love a guy who’s clothes enhance his body shape. If you’re not in great shape, here are 3 exercises that can quickly change that.

This is where your comfortable t shirt and jeans are just fine as long as they fit your body well. If you’re unsure, the next time you go shopping try on the next size down and see if it fits you a little better than your normal size.

7. Socks With Sandals

Do we really need to explain why this is wrong? Unless you’re on a quest to return the one true ring to Mordor, you should never, ever wear socks with sandals. If it’s cold enough to need socks, put on a pair of shoes.

6. Match Your Shoes

Probably one of the easiest to avoid but one of the more noticeable mistakes on the list. If you’re putting on a suit to look your best, make sure that your footwear color matches your suit.

Black suits need black shoes. Brown suits should have brown shoes. It’s fairly simple. The only wildcard in this is the navy suit that can go with black, brown, camel, oxblood or other colored shoes. Also, make sure that if you’re wearing black shoes, you are also wearing a matching belt.

5. Shave Properly

If you’re going for the soul patch, that’s just fine, but if you have patches of hair from not shaving properly, that just comes across as lazy. Take the extra couple minutes to shave in the morning and spend a couple extra dollars on a quality razor.

4. Ditch the Backpack

You’re a professional but you’re still lugging a backpack to work like you’re in college. That is a huge fashion and professional no. It’s really hard to take someone seriously who shows up to work with a backpack.

Unless you’re an intern or a 16 year old Japanese girl, ditch the backpack and find a more professional bag choice. There are plenty more stylish choices that are comfortable, practical and won’t make you feel like you’re lugging around your grandfather’s outdated briefcase.

3. Don’t Become Marsupial

If you’re constantly stuffing your pockets with a bulky wallet, receipts, your keys, phone and any and everything else, stop. You want your pants to have a streamlined look. Ditch the Costanza sized wallet and get a more streamlined one or a money clip that can hold the essentials.

This is a great time to add a fashionable blazer to give you a couple extra pockets to help displace the bulk.

2. White Socks With Dress Shoes

Socks have become so much of a fashion statement on their own that it’s almost a crime in itself to even own white socks anymore. There are so many different sock choices for you to be original and fashionable that making this mistake is very bad.

1. Running Shoes are for Running

There’s a time and a place for running shoes and that’s in the gym or while out running / exercising. You should never wear them beyond those areas. There are so many options that are just as comfortable as your beloved running shoes.

You can get a casual pair of sneakers or loafers that will give you the same amount of comfort yet still give you that put together look that you want.

These are all mistakes that most every man is guilty of doing at least once or twice. Being cognizant of these minor fashion mistakes will help you to look and feel more comfortable and confident the next time you step out your door.

You’ll be glad you took the time to make these easy changes.

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