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Couple on date snorkeling in the CaribbeanAre you a successful, affluent and discerning man who longs to find your dream woman?

Have you wined and dined countless women whom you met through dating sites, yet didn’t find even one compatible match?

Do you feel frustrated with the enormous amounts of time and energy you’ve wasted searching through thousands of online dating profiles, and you still haven’t found romance?

You can literally waste years on dating sites that make big promises, but fail to deliver even one suitable match.

Dating sites are also riddled with deceptive practices, false promises and scams.

While they often boast millions of members, the majority of women aren’t willing to travel more than 15 miles for an in-person meeting.

They only show members in your geographic area. So, if your dream woman is an exotic international beauty rather than “the girl next door,” you’re out of luck.

They also claim there are thousands of beautiful women in their database to choose from, but the truth is a large percentage are no longer paying members. So, you can be sending messages to ladies who haven’t been active on the site for years without realizing it.

Even worse, it’s common to find misrepresentation and outright lies in dating site profiles. A vast majority of members use fake, more flattering photos that make them appear thinner, younger and more attractive than they actually are.

So, what’s the solution to finding the high-quality woman of your dreams if you’re a busy professional with limited time on your hands?

98 Palms is a revolutionary high-end matchmaking service for discerning gentlemen to find romance in only 6 days…. while enjoying a dream vacation at our luxury boutique resort.

98 Palms combines the ancient art of matchmaking and exclusive introductions with customized 6-day luxury vacations to ensure you meet the woman of your dreams in the shortest time possible.

We like to think of our premiere matchmaking service as a “luxury vacation with a purpose.”

Imagine dating the most gorgeous, brainy, accomplished, and sophisticated women in the world…. all hand-picked just for you by an acclaimed matchmaker.

Your personal “Love Concierge,” Angela Seitz, is a top-rated matchmaker and relationship expert who will work tirelessly to ensure you find romance during your incredible 6-day luxury vacation.

Angela will personally select the high-quality beautiful ladies who will be your dates from our extensive international database and other exclusive resources. And she’ll only choose those who possess the exact qualities you’ve always longed for in a romantic partner.

So, not only will you experience the ultimate luxury vacation, you’ll find the type of quality woman you’ve been looking for in only 6 days.

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The percentage of the adult American population that is currently single.


The percentage of singles that feel they are too busy to take the time to meet other singles.


The percentage of dating singles who use some form of online dating.